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Mexico (Hague) - The Country

Mexico is located in the continent of North America, between the United States and Guatemala, Central America. Lovely country with mountains, plains and beautiful costal areas.

Why Choose to Adopt in Mexico?

happy-child largeChildren receive loving care in governmental orphanages. Mexico is a beautiful country with many historical areas to explore. Travel to Mexico is easy. Many sibling groups are available.

Who Can Adopt From Mexico?

Married couples or single women or men over the age of 25 and at least 17 years older than the child are eligible to adopt. If a married couple, must be married at least 2 years.

Children Available

Children generally available for adoption are age 5 years and older. There are sibling groups available, some of which may have children under 5 years. Children available may be healthy or have a special need.  Both boys and girls are available. The wait for a child can be 6 to 12 months depending on the type of child desired. The majority of the children are Mestizo (of mixed race of Spanish/Native Indian/Black). Children are usually from a state orphanage, although on occasion a voluntary placement may be made. Children are referred for adoption by State DIF, National DIF, and SRE which comprise Mexico’s Central Authority.

Mexico’s Adoption Process


1. Apply to Hands Across The Water for services.

2. Complete your Home Study with Hands Across The Water or an appropriate agency in your state. Please contact HATW for assistance if you live outside of Michigan.

3. File your I-800A with the USCIS.

4. Prepare your dossier for Mexico. 

5. Hands Across The Water will forward your completed dossier to be translated and submitted to government officials.

6. Your dossier is reviewed by the SRE and the National DIF then is sent to the State DIF. It is reviewed and approved by the State DIF.

7. The State DIF will match family with child. Referrals generally take between 6-12 months to be assigned, although this time does vary depending on type of child interested in and available children.

8. After a referral is received, you will need to accept or decline the referral. Should you accept, you will travel to Mexico and meet your child for approximately 3+ weeks. At the conclusion of this visit the orphanage director and family will agree to move forward with the adoption.

9. There are various judicial process’ that are then completed before getting the child’s visa. This process can take between 1-6 months then the family travels to Mexico to go to the US Consulate for the child’s visa and return home.

Post Adoption Supervision

Children enter the U.S. on an immigrant visa and become US citizens by virtue of their adoption by a US Citizen. However, Mexico requires post adoptions reports on the child’s adjustment. Reports are required every 6 months for the first 3 years then annually until the child is 16.

The photos on these pages are of children not available for adoption. 
HATW does not photolist children waiting for adoption via the internet.

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