Families Waiting to Adopt

If you are considering making an adoption plan.......

Hands Across the Water would like you to review our family profiles.

These families are ready to provide a loving home for your child through adoption.


Each family has a current, approved home study on file with Hands Across the Water.

To learn more about each family, please click on their name.

Please contact our pregnancy counselor to see how we can help you. 




         HeatherJustin             DaveMary 2       

              Heather & Justin                               Mary & Dave               


         MelMeg            JeffBrandon     

         Melody & Megan   (more info)                       Jeff & Brandon


       AdamAndrew          BrettEricpic

        Andrew & Adam                                              Brett & Eric


    Jessica Jason                 GeoffGrant

     Jessica & Jason   (more info)                            Geoff & Grant   


    TrishChris1           ReneBrian

     Chris & Trish                                                    Brian & Renee








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