Explore Your Options

If you are pregnant, you have three options:

You can choose to have the baby and parent your child

You can choose to have the baby and make an adoption plan for your child

You can choose to end the pregnancy

Only you can decide what is the right choice for you.


A pregnancy options counselor is someone who is unbiased and is trained to educate and assist individuals facing an unplanned pregnancy.  At Hands Across the Water, our pregnancy counselor can help you explore all of your options and community resources, helping empower you to make the decision you feel is best.


Trusted family members and friends can also be great resources. Even though it is your decision to make, it is helpful to know who will support you throughout your pregnancy and your decision making process.


Working through the questions on our Guiding Questions page can help you think about things to discuss with a pregnancy options counselor or other trusted friends or family members.


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We want you the make the best decision for you. We feel that this can only be reached when you are equipped with a full understanding of your options. If you would like help further help exploring all of your options, please contact our pregnancy options counselor.

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