Ages 6yrs to 18yrs can participate in this class designed to help reduce anxiety and stress through yoga, meditation and mindfulness training.

Employment opportunities at HATW! Click here

 Are you interested in becoming a part of our Board?

HATW Teen Adoptee Group (TAG) will meet TUESDAYS from 6-7:30pm starting FEBRUARY 6, 2018 for 5 consecutive weeks.  This group is open to any teen adoptee or fostered teen in grades 6 through 12.

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HATW is pleased to announce the addition of our satellite offices in Monroe & Macomb Counties!

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A sweet story about adopting a foster child.

The Washtenaw County Foster Care Coalition will host its 2nd annual Raise Hope and Foster Dreams 5k Walk and Run on Saturday, September, 27, 2014 at Rolling Hills County Park to support local foster children and their families.

That first moment is so special & emotional. Please watch this video.

The Washtenaw County Foster Care Coalition will host its 2nd annual Raise Hope and Foster Dreams 5k Walk and Run on Saturday, September, 27, 2014 at Rolling Hills County Park to support local foster children and their families.

Interesting facts about Foster Care. Throughout the month, information will be posted. Please share this this info to increase awareness and maybe help a child!

Check out this concise, realistic how-to guide to fostering that summarizes what to expect as a foster parent, and gives hope and immediate hands-on solutions. Also available in the HATW library!

Join us at the opening of the 2014 Michigan Heart Gallery!  Saturday, April 5th

The Internet cheers for little girl whose adoption is finally finalized!

Check out the Top 10 Ways to make the 1st day with you an easier one from a foster child's perspective!

Check out Love Gives Chances Foundation launched by Cassidy Mack, who will portray Zoey, on Disney's Zoey to the Max, starting later this year. Zoey is a 13 year old foster child who navigates the foster care system. Cassidy Mack herself was adopted from foster care at age six.

Good read...A wonderful thought to start the new year!

Another successful year! Read more!

Check out Foster Care Blog Spot

Check out this great story on a Michigan couple building their family through adoption.

Check out the latest blog entry on Foster Parents Anywhere at:Foster Parenting Blog Site  Lots of good information and an opportunity to share experiences.

"American Seoul" A series of video blogs sets out to challenge the stigma faced by those who have been internationally adopted.  

Chela's in Ann Arbor are organizing a Latin American Festival July 12th!!

HATW is actively recruiting families for the new Mexico Program!

One-to-One Orphanage Program and discounted fees.

What is Inquisitive Minds? A workshop for adoptive parents of young children (ages 3-7) 

An interesting & thought provoking look at a Mother's photo series as it spotlights the racist comments directed at her daughters adopted from China. Facebook page found here

Adopting Abroad: rule changes hurting International Adoption?

"Long Way Home: The Jessica Long Story" profiles Jessica Long, a world-class swimmer, 12-time Paralympic gold medalist, and 21-year old American from a Baltimore suburb, who was born in Russia and adopted by American parents.

New law brings adoptee birthdate records into accord!

Haunting video  and article about Romania adoption.

Wonderful story of a girl adopted as an infant from Paraguay who will compete in the 2014 Olympics representing her birth country.

Amid partisan conflict, support to encourage international adoption addressed in Congress.

Interesting article!


A couple shares their journey.

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Bulgarian children in need of families! Please visit our Facebook page for information.

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Join us for a discussion on navigating openess in foster care & adoption! More info

Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder signed into law yesterday, Tuesday, April 15th, legislation designed to improve the adoption process.

A birth mother shares her thoughts about making an open adoption plan.

The Michigan Senate has passed three House-passed bills designed to speed up adoptions.

Interesting open adoption story.

Kevin Hoffman is an adult adoptee who wrote the very good book Growing up Black in White. He also has a blog that is well worth the read. His most recent post has to do with maintaining relationships after a birth family reunion.

The Info Meeting & Foster Parent Orientation scheduled for this evening have been cancelled due to low registration.

With tax time just around the corner, here are some resources you may be interested in. Bills Tax Service has some articles on their website as well as a free webinar.

Here is a wonderful article about open adoption!

Some tips for adoptive parents (and foster parents too).

Join this Q&A Webinar on independent domestic adoption on January 22, 2014!

Good article about a transracial family's experience.

When divorce magnifies adoption's losses. Good read.

Check out this worthwhile live webinar Wednesday, Jan. 22. The panel: an adopted person, a birth mom and an adoptive mom - reflects back on their own experiences with adoption and pose questions to each other giving adoptive parents insight into many universal adoption themes

Due to extreme weather conditions, HATW office will be closed Monday, January 6, 2014.

Hope other states will follow suit in allowing adult adoptees access to original birth records. 

Finding forever families! Read story here

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