Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder signed into law yesterday, Tuesday, April 15th, legislation designed to improve the adoption process.

HB 4646 (PA 117), will allow a birth mother to consent to a direct placement adoption outside of the court process. The parents or guardians must sign the release in the presence of his, her or their attorney after a mandatory 72-hour waiting period after the child's birth. An out-of-court consent would be revocable from the time of execution up to 5 business days after it is executed, and a hearing before a judge would be required regarding the revocation, and placement of the child.

HB 4647 (PA 118) reduces the time between formal adoption placement and the issuing of a court-ordered adoption for children under age 1 to three months instead of the previous six months.

HB 4648 (PA 119) would ensure that custody of the child would be placed with the adoptive family or the mother, not the putative father, during the adoption proceedings if the parental rights of the mother have not yet been terminated.

All three Public Acts take effect October 12.

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