One-to-One Orphanage Program and discounted fees.

 A Helping Hand Adoption Agency, located in Lexington, Kentucky, has been granted the opportunity of participating in two One-to-One Orphanage Programs with the China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA). Their partnership with an orphanage in Beiliu City located in Guangxi Province continues and their newest partnership with an orphanage located in Tongren City of Guizhou Province is just beginning! Both provinces are located in southern China. Through this partnership, they expect to receive 30 files of children under the age of 6 (mostly girls) with minor special needs in the very near future.

A Helping Hand is excited to announce that for a limited time, they will be offering a $1,000 discount of agency fees for families who are open to being matched with a child from one of their One-to-One Partnership programs. This discount will be applied at the Orientation phase near the beginning of the process and is only available for families who submit their application between April 25, 2014 and May 27, 2014. Please note: The Deadline for Discount will end next month and all applications must be postmarked by May 27, 2014.

A Helping Hand expects to receive the following files for match very soon: Three 6 year old boys with Cleft lip and Palate (lip repaired); three 6 year old girls with minor special needs including mild cerebral palsy, residual limb and cleft lip and palate; one 4.5 year old boy whose diagnosis we are awaiting; a 2 year old girl with Down Syndrome; and two 1 year old boys (one with minor CP and another with Hydrocephalus- post shunt). Please note they do not have the official referral files at this time but will be happy to share information about these children to families who are interested.

If you are a family in Michigan, please contact HATW to discuss the home study process and how we work with A Helping Hand. You can also contact A Helping Hand directly to discuss the children.
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