"American Seoul" A series of video blogs sets out to challenge the stigma faced by those who have been internationally adopted.  

Chela's in Ann Arbor are organizing a Latin American Festival July 12th!!

HATW is actively recruiting families for the new Mexico Program!

One-to-One Orphanage Program and discounted fees.

What is Inquisitive Minds? A workshop for adoptive parents of young children (ages 3-7) 

An interesting & thought provoking look at a Mother's photo series as it spotlights the racist comments directed at her daughters adopted from China. Facebook page found here

Adopting Abroad: rule changes hurting International Adoption?

"Long Way Home: The Jessica Long Story" profiles Jessica Long, a world-class swimmer, 12-time Paralympic gold medalist, and 21-year old American from a Baltimore suburb, who was born in Russia and adopted by American parents.

New law brings adoptee birthdate records into accord!

Haunting video  and article about Romania adoption.

Wonderful story of a girl adopted as an infant from Paraguay who will compete in the 2014 Olympics representing her birth country.

Amid partisan conflict, support to encourage international adoption addressed in Congress.

Interesting article!


A couple shares their journey.

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Bulgarian children in need of families! Please visit our Facebook page for information.

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