The Family Assistance Program offers two (2) services for families in Monroe and Lenawee County.


(1) Direct Family Assistance

This is a six (6) month, intensive and individualized in-home program for families with children in foster care with the goal of reunification, or to families who are involved with Child Protective Services (CPS) prior to removal.

 Direct Family Assistance Facilitators are trained in the evidence-based Bavolek Nurturing Parenting Curriculum and assist families with:

  • Addressing impediments and concerns related to child care

  • Parent Education related to positive parenting skills

  • Home management skills such as housekeeping, money management, and maintaining adequate housing

  • Nutrition and meal preparation

  • Infant Safe Sleep practices

  • Support

  • Other personalized goals related to the case and family dynamics

The Bavolek Nurturing Parenting Program is the curriculum model and the Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI) and Nurturing Skills Competency Scale (NSCS) are used as assessment tools for the development of service plans and to measure client progress.


(2) Parenting Time Support

Supervised parenting time for parent(s) with their children, which allows the child(ren) to interact with their parent(s) in a safe environment. Facilitators assist in promoting a healthy parent-child relationship while providing education and suggestions about positive parenting skills, limit setting, routine and structure, and other factors dependent on the specific case goals.

Families must be referred to the program by the Department of Health and Human Services or a private agency foster care case manager.

To make a referral or for more information on the Family Assistance Program, please contact Jessie-Mae Secord, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (734) 639-2234

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