Hands Across the Water is committed to building healthy families and relationships. We believe that understanding & insight are the keys to change & growth. We work together with our clients to help bring about healing, change in behavior & a new perspective.

Our Family Support Services program offers individual, couple, and family counseling and other support services to help you and your family with a variety of issues. We accept some insurances and are able to offer some services on a sliding scale.

Please contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Counseling Services:


Parent/Family/Child Counseling

 Has your family/child hit a rough spot and could use a little insightful direction? Do you need to talk about what is going on in your family and what it all may mean? Sometimes it is helpful to talk through the issues and behaviors with an experienced professional. Our therapists are skilled in helping children and families with a variety of concerns, including anxiety/depression, sibling issues, trauma, grief and loss, parenting, attachment/adoption issues, and behavior problems. 


Couples Counseling

 Are you and your partner struggling in your relationship? Whether your relationship is brand new or you’ve been together for years, all couples go through rough patches. When you’re having problems that seem tough to solve on your own, it can be helpful to sort through the issues with a neutral professional. Our therapists can help you identify old patterns that aren’t working, build healthy communication and conflict resolution skills, and connect to each other again.


Individual Counseling

 Do you find yourself having trouble adjusting to a change in your life, struggling in relationships, or feeling anxious, sad, angry, or stressed? Do you suspect that things from your past may be getting in the way of you being happy in the present? There are many reasons people choose to seek out individual therapy. Our therapists are here to listen and help guide you through any difficult transition or stressful time.


Adoption/Foster Care Support Services:


Pre-Adoption Consultation

 Are you considering adoption but are unsure if it is the right choice for you? Are you unsure if you are ready? Do you have questions about being an adoptive parent? Do you want to explore your parenting options? These are some questions that can be discussed during a consultation. One session is free. For more in-depth counseling there is a fee, or this may be covered by your health insurance.


Infertility Resolution

 Infertility issues can affect so much more in your life that just your ability to parent. Grief and loss related to infertility are identified and explored in a sensitive, respectful way by professionals who understand the trauma this brings to a family.


Post-Adoption Support

 Once a child or children have been placed into your home, the real work begins. Do you have questions about your child’s transition into the home or your transition to parenting? Would you like additional post-adoption family support? Meet with a knowledgeable, experienced adoption professional who has experience in attachment.


Adoption Preservation Counseling (Crisis Intervention)

If there are specific or multiple difficulties within the adoptive family, this service can provide counseling and supportive services to adopted children and their families. The goal is to ensure that children remain with their family. This service is intense and can be in the form of individual and/or family counseling, respite care and support for the child and his/her family, linking family with needed resources, coordinating care with schools and other agencies, and other preventative services. 


Adoption/Foster Care Support Groups

A variety of free support groups are offered at Hands Across The Water. Groups available may be the A-OK group (Adopting Older Kids), children’s groups, teen groups, foster parent groups, and birth parent groups. Please click here for a current group schedule.


Counseling for Adoptee Reunions

  Adoptee reunions typically bring to the surface a myriad of emotions. Adoption professionals will provide family or individual counseling to those who experience these issues.

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