HATW shall make all written policies, procedures and program statements, required by the State of Michigan Bureau of Children & Adult Licensing –Licensing Rules for Child Placing Agencies, available for review by the public. 


Hands Across The Water provides services, which support the belief, that... 

  1. Children come first
  2. Every child has a right to a family
  3. Families need to be found for children, not children for families
  4. Birth parents need the opportunity to explore their parenting options
  5. Same-race and trans-cultural/racial adoptions are great ways to build a family
  6. Education is the key to a positive adoptive placement  

Thank you for your interest in pursuing an adoption through Hands Across The Water (HATW)!

Building a family through adoption can be the most rewarding experience you will ever have, but it can also seem overwhelming especially when you are just beginning the process. We look forward to sharing your adoption experience and helping you build your family through adoption.

HATW offers monthly information meetings to discuss details of our adoption services and programs. You are welcome to attend one of these meetings or meet with one of our adoption specialists, face-to-face, by telephone or skype, for a personal consultation regarding which adoption path to take.

Hands Across The Water provides consultation, home study, Post-placement, education, court, and program services to Michigan families. HATW also provides international program services to families outside the state of Michigan wishing to adopt through one of our international programs. Families outside the state of Michigan must have a home study completed by a non-profit licensed child-placing agency in their state of residence.  Please contact HATW to discuss your options if living outside of Michigan.  Hands Across The Water offers a variety of adoption options for families.  


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