Since 2002, we have held our Annual Family Celebration Picnic

the Sunday after Labor Day.

This is a great opportunity for the HATW staff and all our families to get together and celebrate families! We all enjoy seeing all our families and how their children have grown over the years.

It is also a chance for those families still in the initial adoption or fostering process to meet and speak to families who have been there and to share their experiences.

This years picnic was held Sunday September 14, 2014. (2015 to be held September 13th!) Please click on the links below for photos from the picnic this year and from some of our past picnics!

 Family Picnic 2014

Family Picnic 2013

Family Picnic 2012

Family Picnic 2011

Family Picnic 2010

Family Picnic 2009

Family Picnic 2008


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